About Us

Hoehler + alSalmy (H+S) originated from Hoehler + Partner (H+P) which began in 1970 in Aachen, Germany. In 2009, the office formed a partnership with Muhammad Sultan AlSalmy to bring the venture to the Sultanate of Oman. In 2016, the Oman office rebranded to Hoehler + alSalmy (H+S) due to Muhammad’s dedication to the firm since its establishment.

The consultancy was the first and only Omani-German joint venture in the Sultanate of Oman.

The Consultancy specialise in creating prominent, architectural designs while setting the new benchmarks of the architectural scene in its operational surroundings. The development and promotion of alternative energy supplies and services is a focus for the company while being at the forefront of the nation’s sustainable designs, as well as having a commitment and reputation of combining the latest international building technologies and techniques drawn from its local traditions. The Consultancy utilizes on the skills, enthusiasm and knowledge of the integrated design teams to create unique contemporary designs, developed in full collaboration with both the Client and users to produce environmentally friendly, energy-efficient project solutions that add value to the user and society so as to achieve the highest project satisfaction from all involved parties.

H+S has adopted a sustainable approach to architecture through a wide range of projects; from the small scale luxury private villas, to Offices spaces, Educational institutes, Cultural and apartment buildings.

All of the company’s projects are designed and constructed at the highest international standards with the use of the latest modernised eco-friendly products. H+S pushes boundaries in order to create and identify local solutions when it comes to sustainable buildings, and becoming a leading voice in promoting forward thinking in sustainability and smart technology.

H+S has rapidly become a leading name in the architecture and design scene owing to their ability to create modern, sustainable designs, by combining German architectural and technical standards, with traditional local elements, to deliver unique and innovative design concepts, and multiple energy conservation techniques. Each design is distinct in nature, where the innovative approach to the projects include environmental and cultural awareness, in addition to energy conservation and sustainability.

Our projects

All designs are thoroughly researched and created as per the Clients’ needs and in line with the environmental surroundings of the construction. Highly dedicated specialized teams are appointed from the initial design stage of the project to conduct all relevant research, in order to understand the local physical environment, so as to lead the planning process of the overall project. Both wind and sun direction for example, are taken into consideration so as to provide the exact measurements of the needed works and build the structure in line with the research, so as to add a temperature control, as well as add to the architectural significance of the structure. The architects then incorporate the produced research to construct the final designs, within full coordination with the sub consultants, i.e. mechanical, electrical, and plumbing (MEP), structure, as well as landscaping to ensure full project functionality and sustainability- building beautiful fully functional projects that can be easily managed, maintained, and ready for future technical changes, such as solar power incorporation or possible building capacity increase. Thorough design analysis are also conducted in order to examine and foresee the needs to rectify any aspects of the design before construction so as to mitigate any negative impact to the projects.

H+S encourages on accommodating locally produced products in the construction wherever possible. The consultancy takes pride in giving back to its local community, and being able to give the young Architects an opportunity to develop their skills, and advance their careers at the firm. The company believes in being a “teaching office”, and giving young architects the chance to pave their careers and discover their talents as they are the leaders of tomorrow.

Most of the company’s projects are based on competitions and the international focus has been present right from the beginning. One of the first competition won by H+S was The German University of Technology Oman (GUtech), which resulted in allowing the original Hoehler + Partner office (Germany) to launch its new venture in Muscat, Oman. Hoehler + Partner (H+P) originated in Aachen, Germany over 45 years ago and grew to establish new offices in Hamburg, Munchen and Frankfurt, and in 2009 the Muscat office was established with a partnership between Ernst Hoehler (Partner and Representative of Hoehler + Partner, Germany) and Muhammad Sultan Al Salmy. The Muscat office, now operates as a self-sufficient architectural and engineering consultancy under the name Hoehler + alSalmy (H+S); incorporating the name of the Managing Director, Partner and Lead Architect, Muhammad AlSalmy (in 2016) as recognition of his leadership of the company from its inception.

Our team

The joint venture is focused in taking the next step into modernization and has a wide range of expert employees which as a team, have received numerous awards, nominations and high commendation over the past consecutive years; some of which include, Architect of the year, Project Manager of the year, Best Construction Executive of the year and over and above all, Consultancy of the year.

With a fusion of expert architects, project managers and administration staff, every member of the team subscribes to the company’s ethos. From appointment to completion, the design teams are supported by numerous in-house disciplines who sees the project through from beginning to end, in order to ensure full consistency as well as adding a personalized service to the client. The design process is regularly reviewed by management to ensure full coordination of the overall project development.

Hoehler + alSalmy is immensely proud to be an international firm with a German background. We combine our knowledge, experience and expertise to deliver innovative state of the art designs, created to have an exceptional visual impact on the architectural pattern of its immediate surroundings and delivered at the highest quality standards and project expectations. The company’s capabilities are continuously developed through the consistent collaboration with our global partners, experts and specialists who aide the development of the high complex dynamic structures adapted to the specific needs and requirements of the client.

We specialize in:

Architectural design | Interior design | Urban design | Structural engineering | Project management | Project supervision